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. Piercings are a common cause of swelling in the earlobes.
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    it is most likely because of an infection.

  • Change your jewelry before the piercing is healed.
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    Keep rings in at all times that you don't work (take them out in the parking lot, put them back in.

  • Gently wash your piercings with a mild, fragrance-free soap and water at least once a day.
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    If it has been longer than that, return to the place that did the piercing or go to your doctor.

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  • I just had my ear piercings redone, after over 10 years without wearing earrings.
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    Another option is to put a plastic disk over the posterior earlobe around the earring post, over which the back is pushed to keep.

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    Just go to a good, upscale piercing studio and explain the situation, and they'll run a sterile needle through each ear.