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My Starter Won't Start (Bad Gasoline). Are there any other albums or songs put out that were great due to infighting between the band? r/Music • Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty [Alternative rock, 1994].
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  • The FM source shows from the Record Plant in Sausalito in the late 70's were the stuff of legend and this Zevon has a rightful place amongst them.
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    It’s one of the few inspirational sports stories I don’t find tedious.

  • Crusader by Chris de Burgh.
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    I compiled a large amount of 90's CGI imagery from the Internet Raytracing Competition (1990)s for your viewing pleasure.

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    My Starter Won't Start (Bad Gasoline).

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    Can you recommend songs so I can build my ultimate story based playlist? Here are some songs/artists to give you a flavour: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.